WeDeploy Security

WeDeploy is committed to producing high quality and secure products.

The security of our products is very important to our customers, and we have processes in place to ensure that any security-related issues are promptly addressed and that our customers' data is kept secure.

As a technology, WeDeploy is a valuable tool for software development, and uses industry standard security technology to minimize the chance of security issues.

WeDeploy also recognizes the important role that independent security researchers play, and we encourage responsible reporting of vulnerabilities discovered in our products. For more information about reporting, see the following section.

Reporting Security Issues

We're always appreciative when members of the security community report vulnerabilities to us. WeDeploy believes in Responsible Disclosure. This means that when you are reporting new bugs related to security vulnerabilities, you give WeDeploy a chance to respond (evaluate, resolve) security bugs before its details are publically and fully disclosed.

To notify WeDeploy of a vulnerability, please send an email to Do not submit vulnerabilities on any of our public channels such as GitHub, Slack, etc. We also expect researchers to keep the details of the vulnerability private until a fix is released.