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By Zeno Rocha | September 11, 2017

Say hello to the new WeDeploy Help Center

Last month was a very special moment for us. We had a 157% user growth and this caused a huge difference in the number of support work we had to do.

We always love providing personal, tailored support to our users through that green button at the bottom of our pages. But we realize that sometimes you don't want to wait for an answer to your question.

That's why, we're introducing a new WeDeploy Help Center.

WeDeploy Help Center

This will be a home for some of the most commonly asked questions we receive as well as special use case answers.

We're launching it with 27 different articles based on previous user feedback and we want to grow this number even more, so if you have any questions about WeDeploy that are still not answered, please let us know so we can add it there.

What about the docs?

Don't worry, our extensive documentation is still where it used to be, and we will continue to grow and build on top of it. The Help Center is simply an additional resource to answer questions you may have about the WeDeploy platform.