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By Zeno Rocha | April 2, 2018

One-Click Deployments With The WeDeploy Button

We believe that deploying apps shouldn't be hard. It shouldn't take days or hours. And it definitely shouldn't take multiple steps or complicated processes.

Now, we are making it even easier to kickstart your projects with the WeDeploy Button and we would love for you to try it out.

See For Yourself

Why talk about it when you could just see it live? Click the button below to deploy a site right from this blogpost!


If you want to try other buttons like this, check our new GitHub organization with more than 60 examples including Node.js, Wordpress, Rocket.Chat.

WeDeploy Button in Action

Add To Your Readme

Easily add a deploy button to your README files by including this Markdown snippet.


Add To Your Site

You can also add it anywhere in your website with a simple HTML snippet.

How It Works

We created a button that you can use to promote your projects and help users get started quickly.

In order to use this functionality, all you have to do is point to a Git repository. From there, we will clone and deploy your project.

Here are the two things you'll need when inserting your own button.

Button Image

Button Link

As you can see, the repo param is how you tell WeDeploy what to deploy.

To improve your experience even more, we added support to the most popular Git providers like GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket.

What if you want to specify a Git branch to deploy? No problem, just include the branch path in the URL and we will fetch for you.

We are very excited about this feature and how it can help you share your amazing applications.

If you have any questions, join our Slack Community.