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By Eduardo Lundgren | October 4, 2017

Announcing WeDeploy Stable


Nearly two months ago, we announced the release of WeDeploy Beta. Our goal for beta was to pack our platform full of new features that helped developers all over the world build great applications faster than ever before.

We never could've anticipated the type of warm welcome we received for beta. Our user base grew by almost 300% and we saw the number of services, projects, and application activities surge past our previous benchmarks.

This spike in usage has been a powerful validation for us. We wanted to be certain that our platform could handle anything that was thrown at it before we moved out of this beginning stage. The last seven weeks have proven to us that the WeDeploy platform can do just that and we are so excited for this next journey ahead.

We are happy to announce WeDeploy Stable!

Pricing plans
New pricing model (with free-forever plan)

With this release, we are also beginning to offer paid plans for users that want to get even more out of WeDeploy. All the tiers are based on the consumption and usage of your projects and services. See our new home page for details regarding these pricing plans.

New account-level usage

A few weeks ago we released our real time application metrics feature. We have utilized that same metrics API to bring you the total resource consumption for your entire account. This will give you full awareness of your accounts usage so that you can find the best plan for your needs.

Our future together

There are many great concepts that make it to the prototype stage but don't live to see the open market. At WeDeploy, we are committing to the long haul with you.

We truly believe that the world didn't just need another deployment platform, it needed a development solution that was crafted with the developer in mind.

That was our goal from day one, and that is our mission for the future.

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