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WeDeploy Console

WeDeploy CLI

Available Commands:

logDisplay logs of the services

listShow list of projects and services

restartRestart project or services

$ we deploy |


Built-in APIs that can help you create modern apps faster.

We provide a set of ready-to-use services that enables you to store data in the cloud, search and stream content in real time, authenticate users, send emails to your users and so much more.


Your favorite stack in the cloud in just a few clicks.

Choose between dozens of languages, frameworks or entire application stacks. Launch production-ready environments in a matter of minutes.


Carefully Designed Features

Empower You to Build Amazing Apps

  • We

    WeDeploy Data

    Store data securely with a NoSQL cloud database. Make complex queries instantly and consume information in real time.

  • We

    WeDeploy Auth

    Avoid the headache of operating your own user management system. Authenticate users in a few lines of code using our SDKs.

  • We

    WeDeploy Hosting

    Deliver HTML, CSS, JS or any other kind of static files using powerful static hosting. It's super fast and will save you a lot of time.

  • Command Line Tool

    We designed a CLI that seamlessly integrates into your workflow. Almost everything you can do from the console, can also be done from your terminal.

  • Load Balancer

    Automatically distribute incoming traffic across multiple instances without the client ever knowing about the internal separation of services.

  • High Availability

    Don't worry about your app being taken offline during deployment of the new code. Push updates or restart your services with zero downtime.

  • Log Management

    Detect and diagnose an error from your terminal or from the dashboard. Watch logs in real time and find the specific cause, fast.

  • Global DNS

    Choose between seven different countries and point your domains directly to our nameservers. It's reliable and low-latency.

  • Health Checks

    Be the first one to know when something happens. Monitor the status and control the lifecycle of your services very easily.


We can't wait to see what you're going to build.

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