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WeDeploy helps you build from simple to complex applications. We give you predefined services that can speed up your development process.

All paid plans also come with a free 7-day trial - Cancel at any time.

Build Faster

Deploy using one command with our intelligent code detection or utilize our services to augment your app with realtime data streaming and search, user authentication, transactional emails and much more.

  • Automatic Code Detection
  • Plug & Play Services
  • HTTPS and HTTP/2 out of the box

Stay in Control

Check usage metrics, team member activities and application logs to troubleshoot bugs. Allow secure communication between services via private network hostname, facilitating database usage.

  • Log Management
  • Zero Downtime Deployments
  • Private Networks

Scale Anytime

Easily grow your memory, CPU, and number of instances with a single line of code whenever you need it. All deployments are backed by SSD edge servers around the world.

  • Application Metrics
  • Global DNS
  • Elastic Scalability

Endless Possibilities

Deploy any Docker container with just one command. By utilizing the vast Docker ecosystem, WeDeploy can help you launch anything from a single-page web app to a complex database – without changing your technology stack.

Plug & Play Services

WeDeploy is different because it allows you to augment your existing services or web applications with one of our predefined services. Why waste time building a whole new back-end architecture when you could just integrate an API into your application? WeDeploy offers you a set of services like Auth, Data, and Email so you can focus on what matters - building great applications.

Two ways to start.Unlimited ways to be productive.

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  "id": "mydata",
  "image": "wedeploy/data",
  "memory": 512

Install service from our web-based console with one click.

WeDeploy Data

Build truly serverless apps. Our fully searchable NoSQL database enables you to store data securely in the cloud, make complex queries instantly, and consume information in real time within your mobile and web apps.

  • Fuzzy search queries
  • Automatic data backup
  • Pagination, sorting and ordering
  • Path and parameter validation
  • SQL-like operators
  • User-based security

Sync data across devices

Delight users with realtime. Instead of manually polling for changes, WeDeploy Data can fetch and synchronize your application data between all devices. We’ll notify you of data changes as they occur so you can easily build collaborative experiences.

Build amazing search experiences

From a simple text search to a complex geolocation filter, WeDeploy Data handles pagination, user misspellings, highlights, number of results by category, and much more. By using advanced data processing our fully searchable NoSQL database helps you explore your data on another level.'')
	.orderBy('rating', 'desc')
	.aggregate('years', 'year')
	.aggregate('genres', 'genres')
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        WeDeploy Email

        WeDeploy Email service is a cloud-based email sending service that gives you the power to send emails with confidence. It is a reliable and cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes that use email to keep in contact with their customers.

        • Custom SMTP server
        • Email validation
        • Log management
        • Intuitive API
        • Multi-platform
        • Delivery verification

        Send emails

        Because of our simple and flexible API, connecting with your users just got much easier. Reset a password, verify an account, provide a purchase receipt, or send a notification to your users with just a few lines of code.

        Integrate into any platform

        WeDeploy Email provides you with a SMTP email server out of the box, so you can easily send emails from your application on iOS, Android and Web. If you already have your own email server, no problem, you can still use our flexible API to send emails through your custom SMTP server.

        WeDeploy Auth

        Our authentication is a service that abstracts how users authenticate to applications. It enables you to authenticate users using email/password or popular third-party identity providers. Set up the entire authentication system of your appplication in few lines of code on iOS, Android and Web.

        • User management
        • Serverless security
        • HTTPS out of the box
        • Reset password emails
        • Third-party identity providers
        • Multi-platform

        Store users in a secure way

        We know that one of the most valuable pieces in any kind of application is the user base. That's why we made WeDeploy Auth, so you can focus on building your application and we take care of the rest. By using OAuth 2.0 protocol and JSON Web Tokens, we allow a user to grant limited access to their resources from one device to another without having to expose their credentials.

        Integrate with social networks

        It can take weeks to set up your own auth system. We give you the power to authenticate users with popular social providers like Google, GitHub, and Facebook in just few lines of code.

        WeDeploy Hosting

        Our Hosting service allows you to deliver HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or any other files using a powerful static hosting. We automatically serve your files with caching best practices and provision SSL certificates for each site deployed.

        • Deploy with one command
        • GitHub integration
        • HTTPS out of the box
        • Custom domains
        • Custom error pages
        • Caching best practices

        Deploy new changes like a pro

        Trigger a new deployment from the terminal with one command or every time you push changes to a designated branch of your GitHub repository.

        SSL certificates out of the box

        WeDeploy Hosting automatically provisions a unique URL for every deployed service and configures SSL certificates for all services and custom domains.

        Simple Pricing

        Know exactly what you’re paying for.

        • Free

          Get Started - $0

        • Basic

          Start 7-day Free Trial

        • Standard

          Start 7-day Free Trial

        • Premium

          Start 7-day Free Trial

        Need an enterprise plan?

        We realize our predefined plans might not work for all business types. Get in touch to discuss our advanced features and support offerings.

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        All plans come packed with benefits

        Whether you are on the free or enterprise plan, there are many WeDeploy features that are included out of the box.

        Developer tools

        There two ways to interact with the WeDeploy platform. One is through our web console that gives you logs, application metrics, team members activities, and service health. The other option is to use our command line tool for deploying, checking logs, setting environment variables, and managing custom domains.

        Deployment options

        Through our continuous deployment, you can integrate your GitHub projects so every push to a designated branch triggers a new deployment. Alternatively, with our instant deployment, you can use our command line tool to deploy your code with a single command.

        Application management

        Check how your application is doing by analyzing runtime metrics, logs, and activities. With these tools you can monitor CPU, memory, and traffic peaks, find errors in stack traces and have confidence about the reliability of your applications. You can also invite team members to work alongside you in building great applications.

        Network security

        Every project provides a private network so all project services can communicate securely between each other within their own private intranet. For external communication, we provision and renew SSL certificates for all your services and custom domains.

        Have a pricing question?

        Can I cancel at anytime?

        Yes, you can always cancel your WeDeploy subscription. In order to make sure your current projects are taken care, you must contact us to cancel or downgrade. If you reach your plan quotas you will be notified by email and your services will stay up and running until you decide if you want to upgrade.

        Can I be billed using my local currency?

        Unfortunately, to provide stable and consistent pricing, we only bill in USD. We do apologize if this causes an inconvenience.

        Can I setup a team account?

        No, we do not provide a way to create a team account but you easily add contributors to your team projects from the WeDeploy Console.

        Does the plan price include tax?

        Our plans do not include state or country taxes required by law. At checkout, you can see your monthly total including tax. The tax is based on your shipping address.

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