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By Jonni Lundy | March 9, 2018

Jared Gorski is a WeDeployer

We are starting the new year out right by bringing on a new team member as part of our Developer Relations internship program.

After finishing his degree in business and spending a few years working for a successful startup, Jared decided he would take the dive into web development and help to share exciting technologies like WeDeploy with the world.

Jared Gorski

Where did you grow up? What do you love about it?

I grew up in Wheaton, Illinois, just outside of Chicago. I love the beautiful summers, especially after a long winter. The best summer day in Chicago is much nicer than the best summer day in California! I particularly love Chicago deep dish from Giordanos, the Cubs, and my family. It's a great place to be; it's only missing mountains and an ocean.

Why do you want to be a Developer Advocate?

I want to be a Developer Advocate because I love the fusion of creativity, relationship management, and technical aspects. It's amazing to serve the team and the company in a technical way while still being able to consider the "big picture" of the project.

What do you love about WeDeploy?

WeDeploy is a tool people can use to do amazing things. Having worked with the team for nearly three weeks now, I've caught the excitement of building something high-quality that helps others to reach greater heights.

The WeDeploy team approaches this work every day with a drive to consistently excel in both the form and the function of WeDeploy. This drive can only come from true passion, which inspires me to always be learning and bringing the best I have to offer.

The product itself has great potential, especially as it supports and empowers the amazing creativity of the WeDeploy community. It's fun to be a part of something awesome.

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