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By WeDeploy Team | March 17, 2019

How to Export Your Data from WeDeploy

As you know WeDeploy is being discontinued. In order to facilitate the process of moving to another cloud provider, we created this guide that goes over different use cases that you might have in order to export your data.

Export Data from WeDeploy Auth and WeDeploy Data

Both WeDeploy Auth and WeDeploy Data share the same core features and can be exported following these steps:

A) Get the Master Token

You can do that by going to your project page, clicking on Settings, and then copying the Master Token value.

B) Find the Collection you want to export

You can do that by going to the service page, clicking on Database, and then looking at the Collections dropdown.

C) Make a request to the Collection using your Master Token

For example, if I have a project named geolocationsearch, a service named db, and a collection named places, I could simply put this URL into the browser.

Or run a cURL command to export the data as JSON into a local file.

curl > data.json

If you have a collection with more than 10000 records, you can use this tool we created to facilitate the export process.

Export Data from Volumes

In order to be able to persist data between services, we introduced the concept of volumes. Quite simply, volumes are designated directories that live outside of the file system where your code runs.

To export your volumes, you need to deploy the following service into each project you need to export.

A) Deploy Export Service

  1. Create a folder
  2. Create a file called wedeploy.json in that folder
  3. Update the wedeploy.json file to include:
  "id": "volumes",
  "image": "coderaiser/cloudcmd",
  "port": 8000,
  "env": {
    "CLOUDCMD_ROOT": "/",
    "CLOUDCMD_AUTH": "true",
    "CLOUDCMD_PASSWORD": "passwordofyourchoice",
    "CLOUDCMD_USERNAME": "usernameofyourchoice"
  "volumes": {
    "dbdata": "/wedeploy/volumes/dbdata",
    "mydata": "/wedeploy/volumes/mydata"
  1. Replace passwordofyourchoice with a password of your choice
  2. Replace usernameofyourchoice with a username of your choice
  3. Replace dbdata and mydata, to be the name and path of your real volumes
  4. Run we deploy --project projectofyourchoice in the folder to deploy it

B) Download .tar.gz

  1. Run we open --project projectofyourchoice --service volumes to open in the browser
  2. Enter your username and password to authenticate
  3. Right click on volumes
  4. Click Download

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