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By Jared Gorski | March 22, 2018

How Good Design Enhances Utility

Old 404 Error page morphing into new 404 Error page

When building a great product, it inevitably becomes more and more important to consider design. Is the design pleasing? Is it clear? Does it inspire? And, most importantly, is the design of the product coherent with its purpose?

The Truth

At WeDeploy, we're devoted to improving our services and sites to ensure that our platform multiplies the productivity and capabilities of developers everywhere. In order to meet this goal, WeDeploy must provide a powerful fusion of design and functionality.

As cliche as it may seem, good design is not at war with function. Good design enhances functionality. Whether informing users how to use a tool or establishing confidence in its quality, good design promotes usability. By always improving the design of WeDeploy, we are providing you with a more useful platform upon which to build and create.

A Good Tool

The WeDeploy CLI has long been the backbone of the WeDeploy experience. Our users perform many of their most important tasks on our CLI, making it a crucial tool in the WeDeploy workbench. Therefore, the CLI experience must be intuitive. One small way we've now made this tool more friendly to users is a simple redesign of the CLI login page.

As you can see below, our old CLI login page was rather bleak:

Old WeDeploy CLI login landing page

This is our new CLI login page, featuring an interactive demo to prime those who may be new to our CLI, as well as links to more helpful resources. Plus, it's much more friendly to look at:

New WeDeploy CLI login landing page

Overall, logging into the CLI is a rather basic aspect of using WeDeploy. However, the login flow is a perfect opportunity to familiarize users with our platform. Though this update is relatively small, it is but one step on the journey to building a useful and helpful platform.

Every Little Detail

Another aspect of the site we've redesigned is our error pages. While no one wants to see an error page, sometimes things go wrong and we need to be there for our users when that time comes. One of the most common errors is the 404 Error, which loads when a page is unavailable.

Here's our old 404 Error page. It's simple and effective, but it remains cold and impersonal:

Old WeDeploy 404 Error page

Contrast that with our newly designed 404 Error Page, which invites users to interact with an unassuming and delightful hover animation before resuming their normal tasks:

New interactive 404 page

When something goes wrong, users should not be jolted out of the 'reality' of our site, but rather be gracefully informed of any current issues. While error pages are only a minor detail, our hope is that this design improvement adds warmth to our site and reflects the attention to detail we show to every aspect of WeDeploy.

Our Path

Since the beginnings of this platform nearly 3 years ago, WeDeploy has undergone a massive evolution. We've added new services, updated the functionality, and made significant redesigns to our site that display our commitment to form that enhances functionality.

We're devoted to improving our platform, constantly working on new updates and releases to ensure that WeDeploy is the best it can be from top to bottom. We're happy to be alongside you every step of the way.

Now, go out there and create beautiful apps!

We're very excited to be able to share WeDeploy with you! Make sure to try it out for yourself and join our community on Slack to ask questions or let us know what you are building!