Your WeDeploy account and projects are going away on April 22, 2019.Learn more
By WeDeploy Team | March 18, 2019

Discontinuing WeDeploy

Three years ago, we set out to create a solution for developers to be more productive. We believed that the world didn't just need another deployment platform, it needed a solution that was crafted with the developer in mind.

Along the way, we created WeDeploy that proved these things to be true. Many incredible people signed up and we were amazed at the great applications that were created.

However, we weren't able to find a sustainable model to prioritize and support the growing number of users. That's why we're making the decision to shut down WeDeploy on April 22nd, 2019.

While it’s sad to say goodbye, we're eager to focus our efforts into expanding our mission, evolving the core platform and bringing it to the enterprise market with Liferay DXP Cloud.

We want this shut down process to be as smooth as possible for everyone who uses WeDeploy. If you have an account, you should have already received an email with information about how this will affect you, along with the steps for exporting your data. These simple steps are also outlined in this guide.

All services and data will be available to download until April 22nd. After that, all services will be shut down. For paid customers, we'll refund the fees for the current term.

Thank you for supporting us and contributing to this vibrant community of developers.